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Ocean Themed Baby Shower Invitation Cards


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Ocean Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for baby shower invitations with meaning as deep as the big blue sea?

Whether you’re celebrating a boy or a girl (or both!) these personalized invites come printed with sweet deep sea creatures, including a friendly shark, a turtle, and a narwhal against a blue background. Your guests will fall in love with the beautiful watercolor details. This ocean sea design is even gender neutral, great for any baby shower whether you’re throwing a party for a girl or boy. 


When you order, you’ll have 20 beautifully crafted baby shower postcards together with 20 crisp white envelopes for your upcoming shower celebration, perfect for a small celebration (or, you can order another set to invite more loved ones!)

What’s more, you can even customize the size of these envelopes to make sure they perfectly fit your selected baby shower invites. 

Some features of Our Ocean Themed Invitations include:

  • 2-sided printing for that added pop of color and an extra touch of quality
  • Larger 5″x7″ size for bigger visual impact (most others are only 4″x5.5″)
  • Heftier 80# cardstock with a smooth matte finish (so it’s easier to write on)

A Personalized Ocean Baby Shower Invitation 

You can count on these eye-popping invites to impress all of your friends with our all-American craftsmanship. Our baby shower invitations are each specially designed to make sure your invitations are as unique as your upcoming celebration. Guests will love the playful, colorful design of this ocean-themed invite and will really be wowed by the hand-selected notes. 

You will even be able to take it a step further and easily craft personalized messages to each of your guests in the fillable spaces featured on our baby shower invitations. There are spaces for the name, date, time, location, registry, and RSVP. 

That way, all you have to do is fill in the details–it’s as easy as a fish swimming in water!

Why Choose Invitations From Amanda Creation?

Amanda Creation has been in business since 2011, bringing one-of-a-kind party items to moms and children. You won’t see designs like these anywhere else. From sweet deep sea critters to pumpkins and more, we make designs as unique as your party. 

So why settle for the same old invitations you can find in any store? Let your celebrations (and the thought behind them) stand out with beautiful, innovative invitations that show your loved ones how much you care.

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