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Tooth Fairy Cards

As a mom of three boys, I’m familiar with the magic of the tooth fairy. It’s every kid’s favorite part of losing a tooth, and as a parent, it’s a way to bring a little magic into a new experience, kind of like a little gift.

But I also know that every fairy worth her magic dust needs to leave the right card behind when she takes a tooth.

The Perfect Lost Tooth Card Ideas for Your Little One

No tooth is the same, and no fairy card should be the same either. In my shop, you’ll find a card for every kind of tooth fairy, including my wide array of official tooth receipt card options. I guarantee you’ll find the right card to brighten any kid’s morning, no matter what your unique tooth fairy style is.

Can’t fill your cart with the right cards for your young one? Don’t worry! I design cards for all occasions, and as a mom of three, I know that losing a first tooth is a special one. Reach out and we’ll work together to dream up the perfect tooth fairy card to brighten your child’s morning.

And don’t worry: from one tooth fairy to another, your secret is safe with me!