How do Printables Work?

Our printable files are designed to be very easy to use. With just a few simple steps you can be on your way to creating fun gifts and memorable party items. This guide is designed to help you understand the basics of printing, cutting and assembly. Soon you will be a printables pro! If you need help accessing your files head HERE. If you need help with downloading and unzipping head HERE.

What is a Printable?

A printable is a digital file that is either downloaded directly from your account after purchase or emailed to you once it has been personalized. Our files come as .jpeg files, just like photos, but they are designed to be printed right from your home printer. Or for more reliable, high quality prints, you can send them to your local office store to be printed out. Printables give you instant access to help you create fun gifts and party decor.

Do I need special software to use Printables?

No you do not need any special programs in order to use printables. Simply download them, unzip them and click print, watch as your printable comes to life!

Can I add my own text to the files?

Our printable files are not editable. They come as you see in the preview in the store. We are always available to customize your printables for you. Simply email us for a price and time quote for your project. Personalized files such as invitations and items that include personalization will be emailed to you already personalized and ready to print.

Do I need a PC or a Mac?

All files work just as well on either platform.

Can I download and print from my phone or tablet?

No you can’t. Phones and tablet do not have the software needed to unzip a file. This must be done on a computer. Also when files are received through email on a phone there is a higher chance of the web resolution file to be printed. This will result in a blurry printable or invitation. You must download the full resolution file in order for it to print out at the high quality it was created at.

Will my files expire?

Yes. Your files are available for immediate download and remain active for 14 days. After 14 days the download links will expire. If you need to download your files after 14 days simply contact us to reset your download links for you.

Can I print as many copies as I want?

Yes. That’s the wonderful thing about printables. Rather than ordering 50 water bottle wrappers, you simply order 1 printable water bottle file and print as many copies as you need.  Your printables can be used over and over again, year after year.

How do I download my files?

For a full tutorial on how to access your files, download and unzip them see this tutorial HERE

What is the best way to print files?

We recommend having your files printed at your local office supply store for the highest quality and best color to turn out. Their printers are laser printers, they are calibrated correctly, they always have ink and they are inexpensive.  Most office supply stores will print onto a variety of paper types for you too so you do not have to purchase large quantities of different papers to print your items. It is not necessary to use an office store, you can easily print from your home printer but there are many factors that go into the quality of your final prints. Read below for some suggestions to help you get the best possible print out.

What kind of paper should I use?

The type of paper you use depend on the item you are creating. Keep in mind, the more high quality the paper, the better the results will be. Not all white paper is created equal!

  • Regular printer paper: basic paper works great for anything needing to be wrapped. It’s more flexible than cardstock and is readily available.
  • White card stock: A thicker, heavier paper to use for favor tags, place cards, boxes and other items that need to be more sturdy.
  • Matte photo paper (upgrade from white card stock): A high-quality paper that gives good results for at-home printing. It’s particularly good for invitations that include pictures.
  • Glossy photo paper: If you want a glossy finish on your invitation, use glossy photo paper.
  • Full sheet label paper: Turn any printable into a sticker by printing on uncut sticker stock. This is great for nugget wrappers, kiss stickers, candy bar wrappers, and anything you would rather have as a sticker.

What size paper do I print to?

Most of our printables are set up to be printed onto 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper.  There are some items in the store that are larger, and for those you will have to print at your office supply store or photo center. For example, our placemat printables are 11 X 17, most home printers can not print that size.

Can I use my inkjet printer?

Yes. To get the best quality print from your printer, be sure that your ink is not running low.  Change your printer settings to high quality, photo print, fine print to make sure you are getting the best results.  Also you should make sure the color on your printer is calibrated correctly to make sure you get the best color matching to what you see on your screen*.

How do I print an invitation?

You have a few options when printing invitations.

Develop as a photo: Your invitation file is a .jpeg so it works just like photos from your camera. Send your file to any photo lab such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, or Sam’s Club, and have it developed as a 5″x7″ photograph. *Invitations come formatted ready to use this way*

Print on paper: If you plan to print on paper you will need to let us know so we can set up the printable file for you to print 2 per sheet for 5 X 7, 3 to a sheet for 4 X 6. You can then print them from home, or have your local office supply store print them. Then you will need to cut them out if you choose to do it this way.

If you develop as a photo, you could use a corner rounder punch to add a little extra touch to the invitation. Most photo labs print glossy photos, so if you want a more matte finish then you would want to choose to print on paper. You also have more options with paper type if you print on paper. You can get thicker cardstock, or even cardstock with some shimmer to it. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Depending on where you would print, the cost is usually comparable.

Can I print your printables onto Avery templates to make stickers?

Unfortunately no. Printables are to be printed onto uncut sticker stock and cut out or punched out. You can find uncut sticker stock at your local office supply stores – look for 8.5″x11″ shipping labels. It is too difficult to make sure they line up on the labels correctly from my computer to yours. If you are savvy with creating on Avery labels we can send you the individual file for you to set up the template yourself. But to make it easier on everyone you should plan on printing onto full sheet sticker paper.

*Please keep in mind that all images are high resolution files – however, print quality and colors may vary depending on your printer settings, monitor calibration, ink quality, paper and printer quality. For the most dependable and beautiful print results consider having your file printed at a copy store on a color laser printer. A-Manda Creation prints all examples of items seen in the store at our local Office store.

What’s the best way to cut out items?

For straight edged items our favorite tool is a paper trimmer with cutting blade and a scoring blade. You can find all sorts of cutting tools at your local craft store.

Other options include using a metal ruler with an X-Acto knife on top of a self healing cutting mat, or you can use a chopping type paper cutter if that’s what you have.

It is recommended to use one of these methods for any straight edged items, you can always use scissors, but you will get a much straighter line if you use one of the above mentioned tools.

For items with curves, good old scissors are the best. Make sure you have a nice high quality pair of scissors. It’s great to have a pair of small scissors to help with detailed cutting.

You can also use your silhouette cameo to cut out items if you know how to use the print and cut feature.

Paper punches also come in handy for our party circles (2 inch punch) and kiss stickers (3/4 inch punch) You may also like to use a corner rounding punch to soften the edges on invitations.

Can I print on pre-punched Avery labels?

No. All files are set up to be printed to uncut paper or sticker stock.

How do I cut out party circles?

Use a 2″ craft punch. You can buy a craft punch at any craft store in the scrapbooking department. There are lots of brands to choose from and all of them will work the same way.  You can also use your straight edge cutter and cut them to leave them square.

I can’t figure out how to download my items.

I have a great detailed photo tutorial on how to access your files HERE.

When I open my file it doesn’t give me the option to print.

The most common reason for this is that the file is still in .zip format. You must unzip the file before your computer can allow you to print it. For detailed instructions on how to unzip a file you can check out this photo tutorial HERE.

My files are printing smaller than actual size.

Double check your printer settings and make sure you have 8.5 X 11 selected as your paper size. You also may  not be printing at 100% scale. When you print, be sure to set “Page Scaling” to “None” in your print window.

The colors from my inkjet printer are not as bright as I want.

Remember that when you are viewing items on a computer screen there is light coming from behind them. Items will always look brighter and more vibrant on the screen. Things that improve print quality at home are paper type and printer settings. Try using a more high quality paper such as ultrasmooth white cardstock or matte photo paper. Adjust your printer settings to fine print or best photo.  Also consider having your items printed at your local office supply store for the most dependable, highest quality print.

I don’t see the answer to my question here.

We are always adding to and modifying all of our tutorials to help you the best we can. If you do not see an answer to your question do not hesitate to contact us at