My family inspires and motivates my design.

I have been married to my husband, David, for 14 years. We live in the suburbs of Chicago and have 3 sons.

Zachary (10), Joshua (7), & Benjamin (2). That’s right… I’m a boy mom.

Snips. Snails. And puppy dog tails? I don’t think so.

More like…

Half birthday parties. Boo your neighbor games. And custom notebook paper. Oh my!

My family is the reason I celebrate as often as I can. It’s also the reason I started my design business. So I can take care of my family financially & emotionally.

Their unhampered happiness is my goal.

I loved (and still do) to throw themed parties. But couldn’t find the right supplies.

They either didn’t coordinate or were too expensive.

Because I’ve been creative my whole life, I set out to devise ways to coordinate my own party supplies.

Not only did I find out I was capable of coordinating all of the little details (that made my parties stand out from everyone else’s).

But also I found out I could do it for less money and make designs better looking than the big box party supply stores.

Choose Amanda for all of your celebration needs.

She has:

  • A natural talent for color matching & design layout
  • An unending supply of creative ideas
  • An obsession with creating and making every detail coordinate throughout your party
  • A shop full of over 1000 designs to choose from.

Take a peek at my shop!

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I love to celebrate.

My children are being forced (by society) to grow up too fast. So I look for any reason to celebrate to combat this while simultaneously making my children feel special.

Celebrating helps reinvigorate their childhood.

I throw my sons amazing themed birthday parties. But my kids come up with the fun themes. UNO. Monster Scientist. Ninjago.

Their imagination is my only limit. I’m able to match their imagination and create a parties for them that can’t be found in stores. (I’ll do the same for you.)

Celebrating is also an outlet for my obsessive need to create. From designing special plates & place mats to celebrate my children’s half birthdays to custom designing my coffee mugs.

I use my creativity to bring more beauty into the world.

I also like to learn new things as it pertains to design.

Watercolor painting and brush calligraphy are what I’m learning now.

And on the weekends, I like to spend time with my family.

  • Celebrating any special occasion from the silly list of national holidays.
  • Going for walks & rolling down hills.
  • Video game nights with Mario Kart battles.

I’m the mom who plays video games with my boys. And I rock at Mario games (I can’t be beat).

But Minecraft is another story. My son’s win every time.

Silver high heels with rhinestones are my favorite shoes.

A sparkling mix of business & pleasure. Just like me.

Colorful, chunky beads are favorite jewelry.

It’s a visual experience. Just like my custom design services.

Fuzzy socks are my
favorite footware.

They’re the perfect blend of fun & functional. Just like my vision for making everyday a celebration.

LUSH is my favorite
brand of handmade beauty products.

The bath bombs & lotion bars are super indulgent. Just like my business ethic & desire to provide you with the best designs.

Blue hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.

The color is rare, unique & hard to achieve without the right experience. Just like how I masterfully choose & match colors in my designs using my keen knowledge.