Without teachers life would have no class! Teachers do so much to educate and guide our children. They often sacrifice their personal time by providing extra support to students…going way above and beyond their roles! There is no better way to show our thanks to teachers than with creative and thoughtful appreciation gifts. Fortunately, there are lots of adorable gift giving ideas to do around holiday times and Halloween is no exception! Here are a few boo-tiful options to give teachers some spooktacular treats this Halloween.

I’ve been told that teachers especially love sweets. And what better time to give sugary treats than at Halloween! Don’t just give the typical Halloween candy but instead surprise the teacher with a cleverly wrapped bag of colorful sweets adorned with this thrillingly whimsical grim reaper tag reminding the teacher that they’re “killin” it teaching. Any teacher would love the extra touch that comes with this terrifyingly terrific treat!

It’s no mystery that teachers often deserve a rest after a long hard day at school. And whether they prefer to relax with a soothing cup of creepy cocoa, a warty witches brew or a refreshing glass of their favorite wicked wine these delightful and spooktacularly wrapped goodies are sure to captivate them.

A happy teacher loves a healthy classroom! And what better way to say “boo” to germs than with these adorably haunting hand soaps? So, whether they use them in the classroom or at home teachers will be brilliantly reminded by this charming gift sticker¬†that germs are scary.

Since we already know that many teachers favor sweet treats here are a couple of other fantastically frightening ideas for the ultimate Halloween teacher gift. These goodies delightfully wrapped with fa-BOO-lous stickers are the perfect pick me up any teacher would love to munch on during the break of a tiring afternoon teaching.

No bones about it…teachers are awesome! So, show them how much they are appreciated this Halloween by creating one of these fantastically spooky and terrific treats. Most importantly, don’t forget to embellish your gift with a boo-tiful sticker or tag that will be sure to leave a spooktacular first impression. Happy Halloween teacher gifting!