The leaves on the trees are turning colors, large candy bags are occupying shelves in grocery stores and costume shops are popping up everywhere. Hooray…Halloween is on its way! As you spend loads of time deciding which costume will be the most creative or the spookiest ever don’t forget to also consider hosting a fabulously frightening party. Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity flow! Check out these boo-tiful ideas to help you plan the perfect haunted house party…an ideal theme for your annual Halloween gathering or that spooktacular birthday bash.

Whether you’re planning a family-friendly Halloween party for the neighborhood kids, a boo-tiful birthday celebration, or a non-scary soiree for pre-teens, these clever ideas are sure to transform your home into the most colorful haunted house ever!

As long as they aren’t too scary, kids really love Halloween surprises and most adults are never too old to enjoy a frightfully whimsical announcement. So, how about surprising your guests with these eye-catching colorful haunted house invitations? Your Halloween party is sure to be a haunting hit when it starts with an invitation that makes a spooktacular first impression!

Fortunately, haunted houses don’t need to be shockingly scary to keep party guests (especially young ones) entertained. So, transforming your home into a haunted house is much easier than you might think. All you really need is some low lighting, eerie music and lots of cobwebs spread around. You can decorate your tables with these creative and colorful haunted house kisses. These kisses are embellished with vibrant and cute stickers that can also be used at your party to accessorize other tasty treats and fun games.

No Halloween party is complete without spooky snacks and boo-tastic beverages! The internet is filled with ideas of creepy and delightful goodies guaranteed to bring frightful fun to your next Halloween gathering. Once you’ve decided on your party menu you must not forget to include refreshing water bottles for your thirsty ghouls and goblins. And what better way to excite your guests than to offer bewitching bottles with enchanting labels to captivate them?

A haunted house party just wouldn’t be complete without “trick-or-treat” gifts adorned with charming stickers. How about creating treat bags for your guests to enjoy during the party or as favors when they depart? Fill your bags with scrumptious sweets that will make the little ones scream with delight. Colorful foil wrapped chocolate balls are a striking and delicious option that are even more attractive when boo-tifully wrapped in a clear bag embellished with an adorable sticker!

Don’t forget to leave a long lasting impression by thanking your guests for a hauntingly good time. This can easily be done by sending a spooktacular fill-in-the-blank thank you note. These note cards are so frighteningly easy for any child to complete and will certainly make your receivers cackle with delight. No bones about it…our colorful haunted house thank you notes will help to show your guests how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness!

So what are you waiting for??? Get planning with these kid-friendly and creative ideas to host the best ever haunted house Halloween or birthday bash that definitely won’t leave your guests running for their broomsticks!