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I have some adorable new printable projects for you!  Losing a tooth is such a special time for children.  They get so excited, the anticipation of getting a wiggly tooth out and then getting a visit from the tooth fairy is enough to make them crazy with excitement!  So why not make this time even more special with a few fun Tooth Fairy Printables.  I have lots of fun things to choose from, and I have them bundled up for one low price as well. You can find all of these printables in my store HERE
I have these cute party circles, these are great for all sorts of things.  Punch them out with a 2 inch circle punch, you can use them as stickers, envelope seals, skinny bag toppers, cupcake toppers and more!  With a cute tooth theme on all of them you are sure to find a fun use for them!


These printable Tooth Receipts are perfect for the Tooth Fairy to leave under the pillow!  She can put a name, a date, and an age on the receipt so you remember when that special little tooth was lost!


The Tooth Fairy needs her own letterhead stationary too doesn’t she?  Have her leave a little note to let your child know that brushing is going well, she has even signed it!


These cute I lost a tooth stickers are a great way to make kids feel more special. Perfect for teachers to keep on hand in class when a student loses as tooth, they get a sticker to announce it!
Keep track of when those teeth fall out with this printable tooth chart.  There’s a space to write in for each tooth. Print it out and fill it in for years!
Let the Tooth Fairy know a tooth is awaiting collection with these printable door hangers.  With a space to fill in your child’s name, print it out and hang it on the door so she knows where to come and get the tooth!


And finally a printable Tooth Tin project.  These are made to fit on an altoid container, so eat up those mints and save them metal tin. Dress it up with the 3 pieces, outside lid cover, inside top and inside bottom pieces! It’s the perfect place to keep a tooth safe while it’s waiting to be collected!
a picture of everything printed out


Look how cute and coordinated the stationary and the receipt and sticker are 🙂  That Tooth Fairy she is so neat isn’t she?


I think the tooth tin is my favorite printable project!  Look how cute a little tooth looks in there! And there is a place inside to keep track of lost teeth too!


The tooth fairy can’t miss you when you have a cute door hanger to let her know you have a tooth for her to collect!
Be sure to stop by my store and check out all of the Tooth Fairy Printables.  And if you wouldn’t mind pinning a few of your favorite items to pinterest, that would be so very much appreciated!
You can find all of my Tooth Fairy printables in my store HERE
I have an adorable freebie to share with you today too!  You can pick up this set of printable Lost Tooth Certificates HERE
Please remember these are for personal use only.