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So I mentioned Fred a while back when I released my monkey business kit. We are big monkey fans here, and well it’s all because of Fred. Fred is my husband’s childhood “thing” Many kids have a blanket, my hubby had a monkey! And well the years have worn on Fred, but yet he still lives with us (with all his germs and everything!) and of course my boys love Fred, and now he sleeps with my oldest, yay. So anyway I got permission from Fred’s owner (hubby) and I have immortalized Fred forever by turning him into a digital scrapbooking element! Fred is for PERSONAL USE ONLY! I know he is super fabulous and you may want to use him for monetary gain..but it’s Fred, so just enjoy him for yourself. Oh and it turns out that making a scraggly monkey into a digital scrapbook element is a little on the tricky side, so be warned, he isn’t perfect! He’s pretty good, but um well…it was my first attempt! I hope you enjoy Fred!

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