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Ok everyone! I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this! I am sorry it took me so long to get this written and up here for you. Truth is I didn’t expect such a HUGE response when I first posted it. In a perfect world I would have had the tutorial written before I even posted, but alas I didn’t know you would all love it so much! So a huge thank you for your patience, and without further ado here is how I did it! Oh and if you missed the awesome room that got everyone wanting to know how to do it just look HERE! And at the bottom you will see my younger son’s room done with my monkey business kit! *This tutorial is for personal use only. Do not share or redistribute in any way, definately do not claim this as your own idea. If Martha Stewart contacts you to come on her show to show her audience how you made your amazing room, you be sure to let Martha know that you got the idea from me so I can go on her show!!* you get the idea everyone right??? I would really like to be the one to go on the Martha Stewart show to share MY idea πŸ™‚ Onto the tutorial!

Gather your supplies. You will need clear contact paper, scissors (lots of patience to go along with those scissors) and your image that you want to turn into a wall cling. I enlarged my images in photoshop elements and had them printed out at Sam’s club for a very decent price. *this is the part of the tutorial where I need to let you know, I am not going into details on how to enlarge your images and print them out, I am simply showing you what to do with them once that step is done. If you do not know how to get to that point, that is where I come in and would be happy to custom design some images for you and mail them to you and you can then turn them into wall clings! So let me know if I can help! Cut your images out, this can be tricky since they are larger!

Cut a piece of contact paper to fit your image. Lay your contact paper with the backing facing up, and gently peel away the backing to that the sticky side of the contact paper is up. Leave the backing paper on just a little bit at the edge so that it is easy to put it back on.

Very carefully put your cut out images FACE down on the sticky side of the contact paper. You want to do this slowly and carefully to minimize air bubbles, and that stuff is super sticky so if you make a mistake it’s REALLY hard to pull your image back off the paper (ask me how I know this!) Once you have filled your sheet up (use as much as you can so you don’t waste any!) then place the backing paper back on and smooth everything out.

Flip it over and use a credit card to smooth out air bubbles, working from the center out. If you get some naughty ones that won’t budge you can prick them with a pin and use the credit card to smooth them out some more.

Ah here come those scissors again, did you bring your patience with them? You now need to cut everything out AGAIN…I know I know, I tried to think of 100 ways to do the cutting just once, but alas it was not possible…TRUST me I tried everything! Careful now when you cut, you NEED to leave about 1.4 inch edge of contact paper around each image. This is how it sticks to the wall so don’t miss this step!

You can see my cute little monkey with his extra edge cut out around him. Now the fun begins, remove that backing paper and find a place to stick him on the wall!!!

Like here, with another little jealous monkey! That’s all! I hope I didn’t miss anything you really needed to know, but if you have questions just send me an email and I will help you with it. Now contact paper is made to be removed and it should come off the wall without peeling paint off, but ya never know what can happen so I don’t want anyone getting mad at me if it ruins thier wall or anything! I can only say that I have done this in my own home and it has worked great and no walls have been ruined, but I can’t promise the same for you, so use your best creative judgement! Oh and I would LOVE to see what you do with this technique….so please please please share your pictures with me when you do this, and be sure to send all your friends right here to read this tutorial so they can do it too! I hope it was worth the wait. And here are the pictures of my younger son Josh’s room…he waves to the monkeys every time we are in there, he talks to them, pets them and gives kissed too…so precious, and so worth all the work!

I think the monkey on the branch by the window is my favorite!

Of course the swinging monkey and the little monkey loving his banana are pretty precious too…and I had to have the little jealous one, cause that’s my 2 boys right there!

We have a little one plyaing peek-a-boo above the door!

and a naughty monkey not listening to his mommy above the closet!
I love how his room came out, it is perfect for him and he gets such a kick out of it!Β 
Thanks again for your patience, I like things to be perfect so it took a little longer than expected.