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Well I loved the little dragons I made for the birthday signs and figured I needed to find a way to tie them in some more. They were probably the most work out of all the decorations because I had to hand cut them all out..a total of 15 dragons. Yuck! But the end result was worth it. I made 1 of each to stand on the fireplace mantel…and how cute are they?! And then I needed 2 of each dragon so I could glue them back to back and hang them from different places. So if you have never tried the handy dandy flip horizontal tool in PSE this is what it’s used for! I put my dragon on my blank page and sized him how I wanted…saved him once and then went to Image…Rotata…flip layer horizontal, and it gives the reverse image so that when I glued them together they matched up. So you can see them hanging from the lights and streamers from the ceiling. They added that little extra touch…but I don’t think I would cut them out again!