Who doesn’t love monsters?!  Check out this awesome Monster Bash I threw for my son’s 4th birthday. Monsters are so much fun. They can be cute and colorful and they are great for a party any time of the year.  Anything can be turned into a monster, simply slap some googly eyes on it and voila! Instant Monster!  Take a peek at this fun Monster Bash below!  Want to be featured here?  Send me photos of your party where you used my printables and I just might feature you here!!


It all starts with the perfect invitation. The monster letters really make this extra fun as an invitation!

aw_monsterbash_invite_01 aw_monsterbash_juice_01 aw_monsterbash_bundle_01 aw_monsterbash_eyeball-circ_01

I made a big poster to fit in a frame I already had on the wall, just swapped it out to match the decor that day.  For the juice box wrappers I made a little word bubble so kids could write their name on them so we knew which one belonged to who!  I found that fuzzy fabric at JoAnne’s and simply hot glues it around an empty can of veggies to hold the silverware!  Such a cute and easy way to make it look like a monster!  The drink bottles were a cute way to serve up punch at the party too.  I used some party circles as stickers and stuck them on the front of the rice krispie treats on a stick.  Hey put anything on a stick and it’s way more fun right?  It was a fun party favor we handed out.

aw_monsterbash_welcome-cust_01 aw_monsterbash_fry-boxes_01 aw_monsterbash_food-tents_01

I made a few signs for the front yard to welcome guests as they came up the sidewalk. We had “monster munch” which was just some marshmallow popcorn that was served in a fry box.  And the food tent cards helped label everything, even the photo prop booth!

aw_monsterbash_cupcake-wrap_01 aw_monsterbash_bookmark_01 aw_monsterbash_bubble_01

Cupcakes were my favorite, they were just mouths and the kids decorated the tops on their own with some arms, eyes, wings and horns I created out of melted colored chocolate.  Each child got a bookmark in their goody bag that matched the theme too!  And Boo bubbles were a hit, I always like to put non candy treats into goody bags.

aw_monsterbash_welcome-cust_02 aw_monsterbash_monster-nugg_01 aw_monsterbash_gable_01 aw_monsterbash_bottle_01

Fun bowls of hershey kisses and nuggets were set around, all with matching monsters of course!  And below you can see the personalized gable boxes I made for each child. They each got a box with their name written out in monster letters!  And a close up of the drink bottle wrappers. Those would be fun just to have for dinner on Halloween too wouldn’t they?

I hope you liked seeing the Monster Bash party. It’s one of my favorite parties I have thrown!  You can see all of the party printables that match this set in my store HERE