Top Ten Turkey Appetizers

The turkey is in the oven, cranberries are made, potatoes are simmering on the stove. The smell of turkey is in the air. Suddenly your tummy starts rumbling. Good thing you have veggies and fruit to tie you over until your Thanksgiving Feast! Check out these adorable... read more

Free One hour Webinar with A-Manda Creation

  Hey everyone! I have some fun news to share with you today!  On Wednesday December 9th at 2pm Eastern time I will be doing a one hour LIVE webinar with Lain Ehmann from True Scrap Events!  The best part?  It’s FREE!  Yeah that’s right, you can join... read more

Fun Turkey Hand Print Crafts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! What a great time to do some crafts to display at your Thanksgiving Day feast! How about crafts using your children’s hand prints as turkeys. I have gathered up some of the cutest ideas for Turkey Hand Print Crafts all in... read more

A-Manda Creation joins The Dating Divas!!

  I have some really exciting news to share with you today!  Have you heard of The Dating Divas?  Their mission is to help you strengthen you marriage through fun dates, outings and games and they do it all in an amazing ways…using printables!  I have long... read more

10 Halloween Breakfast Ideas

With Halloween being on a Saturday this year it’s the perfect day to make an extra spooky breakfast.   I try to do a few fun things throughout the month. Like just yesterday I did number 8 for the kids!  They got a kick out of it, and that one is super quick and... read more

Party Style Blog Book Tour and Giveaway

Hello party planning fans! Today I have something super fun to share with you! I recently got my hands on a copy of an amazing book and I get to give my review of it to you here right now.  And you can enter to win some AMAZING prizes too! I could not wait for my book... read more

10 Free Boo Your Neighbor Printables and an Adult Version

Have you ever “boo-ed” your neighbors or friends?  It’s a really cute and fun idea to start this year. It’s a fun way to spread some Halloween cheer and be a bit mysterious and spooky!  I have combed the internet to find you FREE PRINTABLES to... read more

Fun ideas for Ghost Peeps

Oh how I love holiday peeps.  They just add a little extra fun to everything don’t they?  Halloween is no exception with cute shapes like pumpkins, cats and of course ghosts!  I have rounded up some of the cutest things you can do with Ghost peeps all in one... read more

Pumpkin Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Parties are such a fun way to celebrate finding out the sex of a new baby on the way.  Hubby and I chose to be surprised with all 3 of our babies but if we were going to find out you can bet I would have done a fun gender reveal party theme. Especially... read more

Free Zombie Party Printables

I have a fantastic set of printables for you today for FREE!  Zombies are so popular right now so I created this fun Zombie Infection printable set.  This is perfect for any zombie party you are throwing. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a birthday party, or a... read more

Half Birthday Printables and a Free Printable

In our house we like to find fun ways to make each day a little more special. Some days it’s really easy, like a holiday or a silly national holiday, or a half birthday!  Half birthdays are fun for kids. They seem to love to track EXACTLY how old they are!  My sons... read more

Fishing Party Food Ideas

This week it has been all about FISHING! Monday we had printables that are sure to make any fishing party a success! Tuesday we discussed great fisherman gifts. Wednesday we discussed Fishing Party Games and today its all about FOOD! I found some awesome food ideas... read more

Fishing Party Games

This week we have been celebrating fishing! Monday we looked at great party printables that make an fishing party a success. Tuesday we looked at awesome fishing gifts to give the fisherman in your life. Today check out these great party games you can play at your... read more

Gifts for Fisherman

  How cute is this personalized sit and fish bucket by Personalization Mall. Perfect for that fisherman to sit while catching “The Big One” It also doubles as a cooler!   Look at this personalized Fishing Lure by Personalization Mall. What a perfect way to... read more

Fishing Party Printables

It’s the start of a new week! It’s Fishing Week! This week we are going to discuss all kinds of fishing ideas. From printables to gift ideas, to party food ideas, this week is going be all about The Great Catch! Today is all about printables. When... read more

Camping Party Games

This week we have been showcasing different ways to make a Camping Party a success! From Printables on Monday to Food Ideas on Wednesday, today it is all about Party Game Ideas. Being out in the quiet woods, having successful party games can make your Camping Party a... read more

Camping Party Food

This week we have been discussing Camping Parties! Monday we talked about Camping Printables and today I am going to show you some awesome ideas for camping party foods….   Check out these adorable camping party food ideas by S’more... read more

Camping Party Printables

  Throw an amazing Camping themed birthday party with this fun printable set. Everything you need to coordinate all of the details of your party is here in this package. Your party will be amazing with every detail matching! You can find the entire camping printables... read more

Tooth Fairy Ideas

This week we have been celebrating The Tooth Fairy! Saturday is National Tooth Fairy Day! On Monday, we looked at some unique ways to hold your tooth for the tooth fairy. Wednesday we looked at some adorable gifts idea for your kids from the tooth fairy. Today,... read more